Welcome Softball Tournament Teams!
Rec Teams Only Tournaments - No Travel Teams Please​​​​​​ 
Rec Teams Only Tournament - No Travel Teams Please
Contact Ron at his email here  or at  740-707-4439  
Division Fee Pitch
14 & Under Closed $600 Fast
12 & Under Closed $600 Fast
10 & Under   $600 Fast
8 & Under   $550 Coach

Rec Teams Only Tournament - No Travel Teams Please
July 4-7 2019 
Contact Ron at his email here  or at 
Division Fee Pitch

14 & Under Closed
$600 Fast
12 & Under Closed $600 Fast
10 & Under $600 Fast
8 & Under $550 Coach

Softball Registration Forms HERE! 
Registration gets turned in with fee now. 
Player Roster/Waiver gets turned in on game day at concession stand. 
  • Friday through Sunday Tournaments (Teams From Far Away Teams typically start Saturday)
  • Map of Athens Sandlot Fields
  • Home Run Derby and Fastest Pitch contests available.
  • Prizes will be given to the top two contestants in each age group
  • Concessions, playground, restrooms, bike path, porta-johns, golf driving range
  • City pool (off site)
  • Divisions, dates and fees listed below
  • No rain dates (another weekend) or refunds once tournament begins (schedule will be modified if rain)
  • 2 optic yellow softballs required to be provided by each team
  • Limited spots available.
  • No spots held based on promise to pay. No refunds within 30 days of tournament start date. Everyone says they are coming. Then right before we begin a team cancels and we've turned other teams away because we've held their spot.

1. Complete Registration Form Softball Registration Form (Adobe Acrobat Required)

2. Make check* for tournament fee payable to "ATHENS SANDLOT"

3. Fill out ONE registration form for the team FOR EVERY TOURNAMENT ENTERED.  Thats how we track who has paid as each tournament is divided up.

4. Likewise, DO NOT COMBINE DIVISIONS ON THE SAME FORM for the same tournament. Its harder for us to track.  We separate registration forms by division.

5. DO NOT combine multiple registration fees into one check*.  Same reason as above.

6. Write ONE check for EACH team registration fee for each tournament so we can track your payment*

*CHECKS! We have to track 10-15 tournaments being paid. if you combine payment you might not get properly credited for paying and have to write another check. If you write your info for two teams on one form it will throw a wrench in the works.  So help us help you and write a separate check and separate registration form for each division you register for. It goes directly to that division to be tracked. Thanks!

7. Mail completed registration and check to:

Athens Sandlot Softball
c/o Todd Zorn
74 W. Union Ave
Athens, OH 45701
8. Turn in your ROSTER and WAIVER at concession stand prior to first game.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT (Generally - Subject to Revision)

  • Each team provides 2 ASA/NSA approved optic yellow softballs
  • NSA rules, with some modifications as set forth here.
  • Teams must check in 1 hr. before game time at the main concession stand and have release and roster turned into concession stand before first game. Teams not available at start time forfeit game.
  • Team's oldest player's age as of January 1st this year determines which age division you are in.
  • No warm up on infield prior to play.  Each team may warm up in the outfield or other areas.  There is plenty of room. 
  • Pitcher warm up limited to five pitches between innings including catcher throw down to second base.
  • Home Plate umpire is timekeeper.  Time starts when plate umpire declares "Play Ball" or upon first game pitch, whichever occurs first. Games are 1 hr. 30 minutes or 6 innings whichever occurs first. No new inning can be started after 1 hour 15 minutes. If inning is finished at one hour and twenty minutes into play, then game is complete and no new play starts.  If inning was started prior to one hour and fifteen minutes of play, play shall continue until the inning is completedeven if time extends over one hour and thirty minutes of play, and no new inning shall start. Home plate umpire makes final call for time and any other disputed calls.
  • 8U Play - Batter gets five pitches or three strikes, and whichever occurs first ends batters turn.  If batter fouls ball on pitch 5th and each successive pitch thereafter, batter continues to next pitch with 2 strike count until ball is put into play, batter strikes out, no swing occurs, or third strike occurs. No run rule limits.
  • Ties may occur in pool play only. In CHAMPIONSHIP GAME play will last for 6 innings regardless of time for all age divisions except 14u which will be 7 innings.   Ties after six innings will continue into extra innings during tournament play. (May be modified due to weather).
  • For purposes of bracket placement, teams are normally determined by win/loss.  If tie record among teams, then placement is determined by going to runs allowed, runs scored, head to head, then coin flip.
  • No run limit per inning
  • Mercy rule applies to ALL games. After completing an inning of play teams who are ahead by: 12 runs after 3 innings; 10 runs after 4 inings and 8 runs after five innings shall be declared the winner.  
  • Teams may elect to bat roster during pool play but must bat field of players during bracket/elimination play as well as the torunament game.
  • Home team acts as official scorer for the game.  Line ups shall be exchanged between teams prior to first pitch.
  • Coin toss to determine home team in pool play. Better seed is home team during tournament play.
  • 3 game minimum (weather permitting)
  • These tournaments are NOT qualifier tourneys for USSSA and not sanctioned by the USSSA organization.
  • No rain dates, but full refund if tournament is cancelled before play starts.  If first game does not start due to rain it is not considered a cancellation and non-appearing teams do not receive a refund unless whole tournament is washed out.  No refunds one week from tournament start date until tournament start unless weather cancellation announced before play starts.  Its not fair to other teams that have been turned away because you promised you were coming.  If weather delays play we adjust games schedule accordingly. No partial refunds. Fees are used to keep the fields in good condition and make improvements to the facilities as well as buy equipment and balls, etc. Paid teams bump non paid teams.
  • One umpire per game for pool games, 2 umpires for elimination games. 
  • Pitching distance for 10U is 35' and will use 11' optic yellow softballs.
  • Pitching distance for 12U is 40' and will use 12' optic yellow softballs
  • Pitching distance for 14U is 43' and will use 12' optic yellow softballs
  • 4 coach maximum allowed in dugout.
  • Trophies/Medals for 1st and 2nd place in each age division
  • These rules are subject to change without notice and do not overrule game site determination. They are meant to give a general understanding.
  • Home plate umpire has authority to make final call at any base.  Home plate umpire determines duties of field umpires but has authority to make final call as well as ejection of players or coaches from play or spectators from field and/or park and may suspend play, end game, or take any other action as necessary.
  • National Softball Association Rules can be found at  8u follows Eight Under & Coach Pitch Rules; all others follow Fastpitch/Modified Softball Rules