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We couldn't run the program without volunteer coaches!  And you might learn something along the way too!  Help make Sandlot an enjoyable experience for the kids!  We strive to teach fundamentals.  We hold a coaching clinic to help provide you tips and drills for you to use with the players. Don't think youi know the game?  New players don't either.  And the rules are a little different at the beginning 8u level.  You can learn together!

If you are interested in coaching:

1. Complete a COACHING APPLICATION (go to homepage for link)
2. Attend the mandatory meeting. See homepage for schedule.
3. Complete the web concussion training.  It is mandatory for anyone coaching in Ohio. Submit your certificate of completion to your head coach before you start practices.  If you have not completed it you cannot coach.
4. Make coach $10 application fee check payable to Athens Sandlot.

Coaches are kept with their players. Generally there is one head coach and two to three assistant coaches per team. Coaches who were selected will be notified. Head coaches are required to help with Evaluation Day and team selection held later that day.

Coaches are reminded that this is an instructional league.  Every game is not the world series.  We strive to teach the kids the rules of the game, fundamentals, and good sportsmanship.  Remember, these kids will be talking about Sandlot games when in high school and beyond!  Help be part of making some good memories!

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement!  We rarely have any problems but once in a while there is a flareup.  So we ask everyone to remember the following:

1.  These are Kids
2.  Kids abilities range from 1st time players to veterans on every team
3.  Coaches Volunteer and set the example for players
4.  Umpires are Human 
5.  This is not the World Series
6.  This is not the actual Reds/Indians/(Insert name here)  team playing
7. This is a competative instructional league

Athens Sandlot promotes sportsmanship!
Help the kids have fun and get better!
Cheer the kids on!  They are trying their best!

MANDATORY COACHES MEETING (Date/Time on homepage) - Mandatory for anyone who wishes to coach or manage a team. Manager and coaches from each team must be present.  Check homepage for date and time.

Generally each team has a head coach (or manager) and 1-3 assistant coaches. Coaches must complete a COACHING APPLICATION and undergo a background check ($10 fee).

Coaches also must complete concussion training.  CONCUSSION TRAINING is state required now for coaches of all levels.  It is mandatory for Coaches and Managers.  A concussion course must be taken prior to practicing with team. Turn in certificates of completion to head coach who will then turn them into the concessions stand.

Coaches will be notified of their teams after Evaluation Day. Coaches are responible for notifying their own players of their team, practice and game dates/times.

COACHING CLINIC (Date/Time on homepage)
A coaching clinic is usually held the day after evaluation day.  Depednding ont he availablility fo a gym this day may be moved.   Instruction will be given for coaches in all ages of baseball and softball divisions. We will:
- Discuss the Sandlot coaching philosophy and goals
- Provide practical instruction for basic fundamentals
- Practice planning to maximize time
- Demonstrate skills and drills you can use in your practices

It is mandatory that coaches be present.  The Sandlot Board strongly encourages all coaches to make time for the clinic.


If you are interested in coaching or being an assistant coach, you can sign up during Registration Day.  There is one head coach and usually one to three assistant coaches per team.  Coaches are placed with their players.  You must agree to a background check to be a coach.
Get You Application below!   You can turn in your application at Registration! There is a $10 application fee. Coaches undergo a background check
  • Be available for necessary meetings
  • Help with Skills Evaluation Day
  • Hold a meeting to go over the rules with players & parents (at one of your first couple of practices)
  • Conduct at least one practice per week, weather permitting
Parade/Opening Day (Date on homepage)
Pick up your team uniforms from Athens Business Machines (486 Richland Avenue, Athens) and distribute to your players.  Organize your team float.  Have a sign or posterbaord representing your sponsor if possible.  Organize a time to meet at the parade staging area no later than 9:15 am Parade starts at 10:00 a.m.  An adult must accompany the kids on the float or in the bed of the truck. No throwing of candy per the City. 

Opening Day Roster for Announcments
They are needed for Athens Jr. High Teams and Non-Sandlot Out of County Teams if being announced.  No longer needed for 7u-12u Athens Sandlot teams.  For Opening Day Ceremonies we introduce the players from each team, the coaches, manager and any sponsor that may be attending.  Please use the above form for all players names, coaches and any sponsor and  submit it to the at opening day ceremonies.

Regular Season
  • Notify parents of games, practices, rain outs, etc.
  • Have team ready 20 minutes before scheduled game time for warm-ups.
  • Home team keeps scoreboard and if first game of the day and obtains controller from concession stand if umpire didn't get it.
  • Before first game of the day, BOTH teams are responsible for having field in playable condition.
  • Keep a scorebook for each game.  Scorekeepers must verify score with opposing scorekeeper & umpire after each half inning. Home team keeps official book.
  • Must have lineups/scorebooks turned in 10 minutes prior to game.
  • Keep players in the dugout during games,
  • Keep players from climbing on fences
  • Prevent hitting balls against fences.
  • Be in charge of player conduct, make sure players follow uniform rules; shirts tucked in, hats, etc.
  • Encourage sportsmanship
After Game
  • Return Scoreboard Controller to concession stand.
  • Have players clean dugout.
  • Hold team meetings outside of dugout so next team can get in dugout
  • The home team from the last game of the day on each field fills in divots around home plate, bases, pitchers mound, etc
  • Return shovels, etc., to the storage area.
  • On last game of the day, home team manager is responsible for giving scoreboard controller to umpire or if umpire is gone, returning it to the concession stand and pluggin it in to charger
After Season
  • Coaches are responisble for turning in equipment bags at the concession stand after their last tournament game.  All equipment needs to be turned back in including balls, helmets, heart guards, bats, and catchers equipment.  Failure to run in items causes additional costs to replace those items (for example  $15  per heart guard for about 20 teams) which drives up costs which will drive up registration fees.
  • There is a end of the season meeting where each team's head coach attends for purposes of voting an all star team to play summer tournaments. Coaches should identify their top players who are able to play tournament games. Each coach proposes two players.  Coaches vote on team players who are invited to play.   There are usually two to four tournaments that players must commit to playing.  If invited players will not be available due to vacations or other circumsntaces they should let their coaches know they cannot participate. The whole team relies on players attendance.

Meet at concession stand for rain delays.
Returning team equipment to concession stand after last game.
8U & 10U coaches umpire other games as needed (2 umpires per game, usually 1 from each team that plays the previous  game or following game.) Failure to umpire results in forfeit of following game .
Have a basic understanding of the rules. 



Basic Rules 

8u Rules
10u Rules
12u Rules

8u Minor Rules
10u Major Rules 
12u Junior Rules
Middle School Rules

Rev. 2/1/2018