10U Baseball


6/28/2019-6/30/2019 10U $250 per team Kid Pitch (46ft mound) Ben McCamment  740-541-2911

Registration and Fees must be paid to reserve spot.
Roster/Waivers are turned in on game day.

If you entered a team and are not listed here don't panic. These are teams reported to the webmaster by the tourney director.
You can check with your tourney director if you wish to confirm if you are registered. 


*Not Paid

Friday through Sunday Tournaments (Teams From Far Away Teams typically start Saturday)* Not Paid

Complete these Baseball Registration Forms (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Write a SEPARATE check for EACH team fee even in the teams are in the same division. It goes directly to that tournament director to be tracked. You can mail them all at once. It helps tracking teams when we have 10-15 tournaments going on. Thanks!
Do not combine multiple registration fees into one check when bringing more than one team.  Make checks payable to "ATHENS SANDLOT".   NO CASH will be accepted for fees
Mail Registration with payment to:
Athens Sandlot Baseball c/o Todd Zorn
74 W. Union Ave
Athens, OH  45701

Upon arrival drop off your Release and Roster at the concession stand prior to start of your first game. Failure to do so can result in delay of game, forfeiture of game, or other sanction.

  • Map of Athens Sandlot Fields
  • Concessions, playground, restrooms, bike path, porta-johns, golf driving range,
  • City pool (off site) 701 E. State Street, Athens, OH
  • Divisions, dates and fees listed below
  • No rain dates (another weekend) or tournament fee refunds once tournament begins (schedule will be modified if rain)
  • No refunds of fee 30 days or closer to the tournament date
  • Teams bring 4 new game balls for baseball
  • Limited spots available.
  • No spots held based on promise to pay. Everyone says they are coming. Then right before we begin teams that said they were coming cancel and we've turned other teams away because we've held their spot. It also creats havoc with making the schedule.
  • We can only take so many teams. So its only fair to reserve spots for teams that actually pay. If we don't have enough teams to play then we will refund your fee. If teams register early enough we can get their names on T-shirts.
  • We usually schedule teams that are travelling more than 2.5 hours to start play on Saturday.
  • If we get rain all coaches are asked to report to the tournament director to keep updated for the modified scheuled and to help with getting the fields ready for play. All torunaments are not on the same weekend so we only have limited help for each tournament. If you want to play on time we will need your help getting water off the field and raking it out.



  • 4 coach maximum allowed in dugout.
  • Teams must check in 1 hr. before game time at the main concession stand. Teams not available at start time will forfeit.
  • Player age as of April 30th this year determines age division.
  • These rules are listed to address questions we receive. Tournament Director determines additional rules and replacement rules to the rules posted here, and is ultimately responsible for interpretation of rules if asked. Postings here do not overule game site determinations.
  • No rain dates but full refund if tournament is cancelled before it begins (but no refund if cut short due to weather).
  • No refunds 30 days or closer to the tournament date

10u Format

  • Games are 1 hr. 45 minutes or 6 innings; whichever occurs first.
  • No new inning can be started after one and one-half hours unless there is a tie. Ties will go in to extra inning(s) to determine winner.
  • Coin toss to determine home team in pool play; higher seed in brackets.
  • 4 game minimum (3 pool and at least 1 Bracket)
  • 2 Single Elimination Brackets (A bracket and a B bracket based on 16 teams). Subject to Change.
  • Top 2 from each pool to the A bracket
  • Bottom 2 from each pool to the B bracket
  • Little League rules with some modifications (see below for changes).
  • Lead off or steal (10-12u) only after pitch crosses home plate.
  • Slide rule is in effect! Must slide or avoid contact when a play is being made at the base.
  • Pitching limited to 3 innings per game and 6 per day.
  • Once a pitcher makes a pitch it counts as one inning.
  • No rain dates, but full refund if tournament is cancelled.
  • One umpire per game for pool play, 2 umpires for elimination games.
  • Pitching distance is 46 feet
  • Little League Approved Bats.
  • 4 coach maximum allowed in dugout.
  • Teams must check in 1 hr. prior to game time at the main concession stand and have release and roster turned into concession stand prior to play.
  • Teams not available at start time will forfeit.
  • Oldest player's age as of April 30 determines age division.
  • Teams provide 4 game balls

BATS 7-12 Year Olds

  • For ages 7-12, a bat shall not be more than thirty-three (33) inches in length nor more than two and one-quarter (2¼) inches in diameter. Non-wood bats shall be labeled with a BPF (bat performance factor) of 1.15 or less. Nothing lighter than -12.
  • Effective immediately - Marucci CAT5 Squared 34-inch length and Marucci Black 33-inch length and 34-inch length are not approved bats for play.