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    Welcome to the Athens Sandlot Baseball & Softball League website

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    Lining up for Opening Day Parade!

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    Parade Time!

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    2014 8u Champs

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LINKS ABOVE HAVE DROP DOWN MENUS - About Us, Tournaments, Parent Info, Sponsor Forms, Prior Years 

  • Starting January 1, 2018 bats must have USA bat certification on it to be legal
  • The USA bat certification logo says "USA BASEBALL." 
  • 7th Grade Bats need to be stamped "USA Baseball" and must be -8 or heavier.
  • 8th Grade bats must be stamped "USA Baseball" and be -5 or heavier or BBCOR (which are -3).
  • For age groups other than 7th & 8th grade, If the bat is stamped USA BASEBALL then there is no weight restriction (no drop) on the bat and may be used.   
  • One piece wood bats are legal without certification sticker. 
  • Two piece wood bats must say USA BASEBALL. 
  • Bamboo bats are not permitted. 

Team Sponsor Form and Outfield Sign Order Form

2019 FLOWERS (2019 Forms Not Ready)
April 27 - Flower Order Forms Due FLOWER ORDER FORM

May 3 - Flower Pick Up day


Regular Season Practice Schedule
Regular Season Baseball Game Schedule
Regular Season Athens Middle School Softball Schedule
7th Grade Schedule
8th Grade Schedule
Rainout Schedule 
Sunset Table
Picture Schedule   


2019 ATHENS SANDLOT Regular Season Information

Jan 21            
Flyers with JR HIGH Registration Dates go to Middle School

Feb 4
Flyers go to Elementary Schools

Feb 17  SIGN UP DAY Athens Jr High Baseball

  • Athens Jr. High Baseball 7th/8th Grades;
  • 5:30-6:00 pm. Registration; 
  • 6:00-7:00 pm. Mandatory Parents Meeting.  
  • Held at the Athens Rec Community Center 701 E. State St, Athens, OH
  • Jr. High AHS Softball will be through the school - No Sandlot registration

Feb 17  5:00-6:00 pm  
MANDATORY ORGANIZATIONAL COACHES MEETING for those wanting to enter team in the 



  • Held at Athens Rec Community Center 701 E. State Street, Athens, OH 
  • This is for Non-Sandlot League Teams' Coaches who have teams and want to join the Southeastern Ohio Jr. High Baseball League or Softball League
  • The Southeastern Ohio  Jr. Baseball League and Softball League organizes the league and provides scheduling and umpires for games. Teams are responsible for paying umpires. 
  • Go to our Southeastern Ohio Jr. High School Baseball League 7th & 8th Grades!
  • On Facebook go to Southeastern Ohio Jr. High Baseball League 7th & 8th Grades!
  • Athens Sandlot will again host a Southeastern Ohio Softball League beginning in 2019.  For any area and out of county Jr. High, 10u and 12u softball teams who wish to play in the Southeastern Ohio Softball League - Call Kevin at (740) 591-1630.  

Feb 21        
MANDATORY COMMISSIONERS MEETING 5:30-6:30.  At  Athens Community Center Rm C.  

MANDATORY COACHES MANDATORY MEETING 6:30-7:30.  At  Athens Community Center Rm C.  
  • For anyone wishing to coach in Athens Sandlot this meeting is mandatory.  Team selection, uniforms, equipment hand out, responsibilities, practices, rain out policy, registration day, evaluation day, opening day and the parade will be discussed.
  • This meeting is Mandatory for both head coaches and  assistant coaches. 
  • Coaches are the biggest part of the reason the league exists.  It takes volunteers to make it go.  This meeting halps the season go smoothly and answers many questions you may have.  This helps us organize Registration Day as well as Opening Day and the Parade. 
Feb 25    Flyers with Registration Dates go to Elementary Schools

March 2   REGISTRATION DAY!  At Athens Community Center, 701 E. State Street, Athens, OH

  • 8u 8:00am- 9:45am 
  • 10u 10:00am-11:45am 
  • 12u 12:00pm - 1:45pm  
  • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm 6-12 year olds 
  • 6, 7, 8 year olds are individual registration.  They will participate in evaluation day and be assigned a team.  A parent or parents from the team are expected to coach the team. So if you are willing to coach please mark your players form.  No experience is necessary.  At this age it is more about learning the game.  Most of the children will not have played before.  But this is a volunteer program where the backbone of the program are parents who volunteer their time to coach. If you haven't done it before don't let that stop you.  90% of it is getting everyone to the field on time and then making sure all the kids get to play!
  • 10u & 12u Softball registration will be team entry this year.  Teams are based by school district.  If interested in coaching, please organize a team and notify Ron Lucas 740-707-4439 who is the softball commissioner.  Looking forward to having more teams this season for the girls!  Team cost is $400 per team. Softball 10u, 12u Team Registration Form Here. Mail in registration form and check prior to registration day or turn in on registration day. 
  • Everyone is encouraged to find a team to play on and coaches are urged to take players from their school district who are not on a team. We will have sign ups for those who cannot find a team but players are encouraged to find a team in their school district.  If there are enough extra players to form a team, a parent or parents will be expected to coach that team. 

March 21  Make Up Skills Evaluation Day 5:30 pm at West End Park

  • For all baseball and softball players who cannot attend on Saturday.  Hitting, throwing, catching, running review. Pitchers/catchers identified.  Dress for the weather!  You need your Glove/Bat/Helmet.  Check in at concession stand. 

March 23  EVALUATION DAY! @ West End Park. 

  • You need your Glove/Bat/Helmet.  Hitting, throwing, catching, running review.  Pitchers/catchers identified.  Dress for the weather! Check in at concessions stand

      BASEBALL 8u, 10u, 12u

  • Last Names A-L @10am-11am 
  • Last Names H-M @ 11am-Noon 
  • Last Names N-Z @ Noon-1pm

      SOFTBALL 8u, 10u, 12u

  • All age groups & All Last Names 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
  • All 8u players.
  • And for any 10u and 12u players that are not yet on a team.

May 24  Mandatory Coaches Clinic  6:30-8:30 at the Athens High School Gym, Johnson Road, The Plains, Ohio

April 6  PARADE & OPENING DAY! 10:00 am Parade followed by Opening Day Ceremonies plus first games 

April 20  PICTURE DAY @ Three Rivers  Coach will give you your team's time to be there    PICTURE SCHEDULE (2019 Not set yet)


May 3    FLOWER PICK UP @ Ballfields  Noon-6 PM  Orders not picked up this day will be resold 

May 13     Chevy Youth Baseball/Cal Ripkin Jr. Clinic at Fields 1 & 2 for Softball and Baseball  6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 




May 29     Last Day of School for Athens County Schools

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement!  We rarely have any problems but once in a while there is a flareup.  So we ask everyone to remember the following:

1.  These are Kids
2.  Kids abilities range from 1st time players to veterans on every team
3.  Coaches Volunteer and set the example for players
4.  Umpires are Human 
5.  This is not the World Series
6.  This is not the actual Reds/Indians/(Insert name here)  team playing
7. This is a competative instructional league

Athens Sandlot promotes sportsmanship!
Help the kids have fun and get better!
Cheer the kids on!  They are trying their best!
Contact us at athenssandlot@gmail.com with any questions.


2019 BASEBALL TOURNAMENTS - For more info, go to the "Tournaments" tab up top and click on "Baseball" to see individual web pages dedicated to each age division  TO REGISTER:  Complete these Baseball Registration Forms (Adobe Acrobat Required)
Map of Athens Sandlot Fields   Google Earth View

May 31 - June 2
Throw Down in A-Town I

14u Open - Marc Michigan, 740-590-6418
13u Open - Marc Michigan, 740-590-6418

June 21-23
Throw Down in A-Town  II

12u Open - Matt Trainer, 740-707-8530
8u Open Paul Kristofco, 740-591-6432

June 28-June 30
Throw Down in A-Town III

10u Open - Ben McCamment, 740-541-2911
13u OpenMarc Michigan, 740-590-6418
14u OpenMarc Michigan, 740-590-6418

2019 SOFTBALL TOURNAMENTS  - Rec Teams Only - No Travel Teams
Softball Tournament Contact - Ron at his email here  or at 
To Register: Complete the Softball Registration Forms HERE! 
Map of Athens Sandlot Fields  Google Earth View

June 14-16
Thunder in Valley

14u Open
12u Open
10u Open
8u Open

July 4-7
Grand Slam Inv.

14u Open
12u Open
10u Open
8u Open




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